Adopting or Rescuing a Boston Terrier

Over the years, adopting or "rescuing" a Boston Terrier has become very much popular.  Most adopted their Boston Terriers from rescue centers where older dogs are waiting for someone to give them a loving home.  Rescue centers are also an ideal place to get a dog for your family without involving a large amount of money.

The factors to consider when buying a puppy from a reputable breeder are equally important and similar to the factors that you must check out when adopting a Boston Terrier from the rescue shelter. This initial assessment is to make certain that you will be getting a healthy pet and one that will suit your needs.

Most Boston Terrier adoptions involve older dogs which have ended up in rescue shelters because they were abandoned by their previous owners.  There are also some dogs which have been brought to the shelters because their owners cannot give them time and attention as well as enough exercise. Their owner’s work often dictates them to be out all day and they are not able to look after their dog’s welfare. It is for these reasons that one can seldom find Boston Terrier puppies in rescue centers. However, older dogs can easily fit into your new home when you know how to train and look after them.  Although for some it might be a challenging process, learning how to satisfy their needs and understand their habits will make it easier for both your family and your new dog to adapt to each other.

Adoption empowers you to give an unwanted Boston Terrier a new lease on life.  If the age of the dog may cause you to think twice, it is worthwhile to note that a puppy and an older dog can be equally lovable and affectionate pets.  Before going to the rescue shelter, condition your mind that you will be adopting an older dog. 

If you have qualms about the possibility that the Boston Terrier you have adopted might become aggressive to you and your family, voice out your fears to the personnel of the rescue center.  Most centers don’t place an aggressive dog for adoption.  Neither will they put up for adoption dogs which are ill or having serious behavioral problems.

Boston Terriers which are up for adoption usually have already been spayed or neutered.  Thus, your main purpose of adopting one is to have a pet and not to have a puppy mill.  Also, most dogs in the rescue center do not have pedigree records and may not be up to the required standards of the breed in order to participate in competitions and shows.

Most rescue shelters make mandatory evaluation of prospective dog owners. Prepare to be asked about your home, your lifestyle, your work, and your ability to provide the dog with a good home.  Once you meet their requirements, that will be the time that they will match you up with the best Boston Terrier.

Adopting an older Boston Terrier has its just rewards. You and your family will truly enjoy your extremely affectionate and very loyal canine friend. They will forever be grateful and appreciative to you for giving them a chance at a better life.