How to Adopt a Boston Terrier

Adopting a dog is an exciting moment in the life of a potential dog owner. You have done your homework and have decided that the Boston Terrier dog breed is best suited for you and your family. You are full of excitement to bring home an adorable Boston Terrier, yet you don’t know where to begin to find one. The following tips will help guide you on your journey of adopting a Boston Terrier.

·        Search for the Breed – Many communities have dog shelters that cater to the Boston Terrier breed. They are either private organizations that adore the breed or caring dog shelters that are uniquely equipped to care for the needs the breed requires. Search by asking around the community and searching online in your area.

·        Visit County Shelters –While county shelters accept every dog breed, there are times when they have a variety of full breed dogs, including the Boston Terrier. Search the website or contact your local animal shelter to inquire if there are any Boston Terriers available for adoption. Some shelters will even offer to call you if one becomes available.

·        Meet the Dog –Once you have confirmed that a Boston Terrier is available in a shelter, set up an appointment to visit the dog. You will want to meet the dog in person and spend some one-on-one quality time together by playing in a separate room or going for a walk together outdoors on the property of the facility.

·        Look for Signs –While spending time with a particular Boston Terrier observe him or her closely. You will want to look for any signs of health issues such as extreme discharge from the eyes, limping, whimpering, coughing and any other unusual symptoms. If you notice a possible health issue, speak to the staff at the shelter for more details. Sometimes a dog may have a brief illness that is being treated.

·        Emotional Bonding –Does the dog seem like he or she is welcoming to you. Are they licking your face with enthusiasm and enjoying the attention they are receiving from you? Do you feel like the dog is friendly and will be a good addition to your family? These are all questions you will want to ask yourself before officially choosing the dog.

·        Adoption Process –Once you have made your final decision, discuss the adoption process with the staff of the facility. While the process may be different at each shelter, generally you will need to fill out an application, pay adoption fees and even endure a waiting period. Always be honest and truthful with the process. The questions that you may be asked by the staff are just to ensure that you are capable and prepared to care for the dog properly throughout his or her lifetime.

After the adoption process is complete you will either receive approval or you will receive a phone call from the shelter advising you of their decision. If the decision is yes, you’re welcome to come pick up your Boston Terrier from the shelter. When you receive this phone call you will want to make preparations such as purchasing a dog bed, crate, food and water dishes, a leash, collar and toys before you pick up your dog. Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a Boston Terrier… let the fun begin!

Photo credit: Tricia/Flickr