Identifying a Good Boston Terrier Breeder


Looking for the perfect Boston Terrier pup will lead you to many breeders. However, picking out the most reliable and reputable Boston Terrier breeder can surely be a challenging task.  Buying a pup is an expensive undertaking and one that should not be taken in stride. There are just as many responsible dog breeders as there are irresponsible ones, thus you have to know how to pick out the best one.

This checklist can be useful when you are checking out each Boston Terrier breeder on your list:

  1. A reliable dog breeder will allow you to tour their facilities.  There should be adequate area for sleep and play. Dogs should never be allowed to stay cooped up in cramped cages. Overcrowded living spaces can predispose to serious health problems which may pose a risk to your new puppy. When a dog breeder always thinks about the welfare of their dogs, their dogs are treated well and given plenty of attention and exercise including a healthy diet.  
  2. The breeder is curious to know about your life – when a breeder asks you certain questions about your home, your working hours, and your family, it is a sign that they are particular about the kind of home that their puppies are going to.  These types of breeders are not just in for the money, rather they are also into it because of their love for Boston Terriers. Good Boston Terrier breeders don’t fancy their puppies going to dog shelters in case their owners are unable to keep them for some reason. Thus, a good breeder will inform you upfront that if situations may arise where you become incapable of raising the puppy such as moving or a divorce, they are willing to take the dog back. No good breeder wants their puppy to suffer or end up on the streets.
  3. A reliable Boston Terrier breeder is proud to enlighten you about their dog’s lineage.  Be wary on dealing with dog breeders who are evasive when you inquire about their dog’s breeding lines. They may be breeding closely related dogs. They should be keen enough to test their dogs for health problems before breeding to prevent certain genetic disorders from being passed on to the puppies. Dogs which are used for breeding should also be in the peak of health. They should also allow you to view the mother and the father of the puppy that you wish to buy.
  4. Ask the breeder whether they are affiliated with any specialty or obedience clubs, American Kennel Club or Boston Terrier Club of America. Membership in these organizations will enable you to check out the references of the dog breeder and make sure of the validity of the breed.
  5. A good dog breeder is always proud to show you pictures of their Boston Terriers.  Get your own photo of a Boston Terrier from the American Kennel Club or Boston Terrier Club of America for comparison.  With your photo, the breeder should take time to discuss how their dogs comply with the standards set for Boston Terriers.
  6. Reputations matter a lot to dog breeders, thus they are not apprehensive about giving you the names of previous clients whom you can contact.

Whatever color of Boston Terrier pup you may desire, doing your homework in picking out the best dog breeder will certainly have its rewards.