What to Look for When Rescuing a Boston Terrier

Adorable Boston Terriers will melt your heart with just one look. But what do you do when you are forced to choose just one? Shelters worldwide have opportunities for dog owners to rescue and adopt Boston Terriers every day. Today, can be the day you welcome a Boston Terrier into your home and family. Before you head over to the local dog shelter, you will want to learn what to look for when adopting a sweet Boston Terrier.

·        Physical Appearance – When you first arrive at the dog shelter you will want to ask to see all of the Boston Terriers they have available. You will want to observe their appearance. You will be looking for limping when walking, swollen abdomens, cuts, scrapes, lesions, skin problems, eye infections and any other unusual physical ailment. If you do notice something, inquire with the staff of the dog shelter to determine the problem, the cause and if the condition is treatable.

·        Behavior –Many dogs that are in a shelter may feel afraid, scared and appear to be timid and shy. This may be a direct result of the environment, surroundings and conditions they are currently living through. Ask the staff of the dog shelter to see the Boston Terrier of your choice either in a private room or take him or her for a walk on the property outdoors. This will allow the dog to step away from being indoors and allow him or her to feel more comfortable. Try talking nicely and form a bond with the dog during your one-on-one time. At times, a dog may perk up and show their true colors at the sight of a toy or delicious treat.

·        Look for Signs of Enthusiasm –Most dogs will be happy to see you, even though this is the first time you meet. Most-likely they are thinking that you are there to give them food or take them home with you. Generally dogs that show enthusiasm such as tail wagging, approaching the side of the kennel that is closest to you and obvious emotional signs to be closer to you are socialized and ready to be adopted. Any dog that shows signs of aggression should be reported to the dog shelter staff and not considered as a family pet at that time. There are times that dogs show aggression and a trainer will work with him or her to solve the problem. They often get adopted due to their new and improved behavior.

Once you have decided that the Boston Terrier of your choice is a perfect fit for your lifestyle and family, you should discuss the adoption process with the shelter. Usually there is an application and list of questions that you will need to answer, plus some dog shelters conducts an interview in order to feel assured that you will be capable of providing a safe, healthy and happy home for the dog. Be patient during this process and answer every question honestly. Although you may be so excited and eager to bring your pup home, you should carefully go through the adoption process until it is complete.

Photo credit: Sendai Blog/Flickr