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Thread: Rescued A Behaviour Problem Boston - Only Survivor Puppy

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    Good Morning,

    My wife and I have had Bostons our entire relationship spanning almost 30 years. I found a notice for a boston that needed to be rehomed. Was told the 10 year old boy was too much for the puppy and that their other dog - a 12 year old overweight beagle wanted nothing to do with her. Lots of barking and biting issue. Drove a few miles and picked the dog up for $800. It was a heartbreak sell you could tell. Parents were devastated. They themselves drove hours across several states to pick her up a few months prior. She was 7 months going on 8 when we got her last month.As we were parting the now former owner let us know oh btw she was the only puppy that survived from a litter........ Oh..... Okay. A singleton. Gotcha.

    So we have raised many Bostons some with behaviour issues but nothing we couldn't solve with hard work, diligent training, and using the pack of our varring aged bostons. We don't have a pack of Bostons any longer our last passed at 17 in April. We have a somewhat playful 5 year old Frenchie and a few small Chihuahuas now. Not a good pack for this situation. Low energy dogs that really want nothing to do with this crazed puppy other than the Frenchie who likes to play with her outside but the puppy ultimately tries to be dominant, bites faces, butts, ears, back paws and then barks unrelentingly once the Frenchie stops playing. No amount of yelling, loud whistles, clapping hands even breaks her attention. If you attempt to pick her up she darts and I am not going to even try and catch this dog. Way too fast. Have to pretend you are playing and trick her. Finally when you can pick her up I can hold her and feel that energy shifting and her relax. I can't say how the original - original owners of the solo litter dealt with trying to socialize her but all the issues she is having with biting, barking, etc seem to stem from her being a singleton who has no boundaries and is the only dog in her universe, no other puppies to learn bite pressure tolerance, how to deal with the frustration of being kicked off a nipple from other puppies, no other pups to snuggle with and keep warm. We totally get why she is the way she is.

    The one thing she does not exhibit, thankfully, is touch sensitivity. She doesn't mind being held once you get her in your grasp. She lays down and sleeps all night in her crate. Have let her sleep in bed under the covers next to my body a few nights here and there and she really seems to love that. Sleeps all night.This is going to be a long journey but one we are willing to take. My patience level has waned as I have gotten older so this is good work for me, too. We can both learn.
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