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Thread: 10 year old Boston screaming uncontrollably for 1 minute!

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    Default 10 year old Boston screaming uncontrollably for 1 minute!

    We just had the most upsetting experience. We were sitting on the couch with our sleeping 10 year old Boston, when we started laughing quite loudly at something funny on the TV. Booker started screaming and shrieking uncontrollably, as if he was terrified or in pain. We scrambled to calm him - it was literally deafening. Finally he made it to his crate and eventually stopped, but we were all so upset, including him. I brought him a chew treat but he wouldn’t even take it. He’s utterly exhausted. The same thing happened about a week ago when I was vacuuming. He has always not liked the vacuum but has never behaved in this way. My husband just said that Booker had defecated on the towel where he’d been lying between us. Poor guy. 🥺We’ve noticed that for the last several months, he is showing signs of age. Both of his eyes have corneal dystrophy and are completely clouded over. Vet says he can see but as if through a curtain. He sleeps a lot. When my husband goes to feed him in the morning, Booker will get up out of his crate and wander around the house as if lost. Sometimes he will eat, go outside to pee, or go back to bed. Sometimes we notice that he gets up from his pillow and wanders around, as if he’s disoriented. I don’t know if the two things are related but they seem to go together. It just seems like he is losing his mental faculties. Has anyone had this happen to their Boston? And how do you calm them down from screaming? I’m just so traumatized that I googled and came upon this site, so I hope I can get some help. He was a rescue, and has been the most wonderful dog, full of energy and love. Thanks.

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    I am so sorry! That sounds so scary! I think he had to have been in extreme pain; dogs just don't do that out of fear. He may be having spinal issues, so I think you should definitely bring him to a vet! Hope he's going to be okay.
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