Subaru of America and the Center for Pet Safety joint pilot study have garnered some interesting results. Four years of testing leads to overall recommendation of best travel safety products for pets.

If youíre like me, the first thing you do when you hop in the car is buckle up. Aside from being the law, itís become part of our culture Ė we buckle up for safety. Yet in spite of knowing that seatbelts save lives, my feline Shelby was permitted to free range. Yep, she made such a fuss in her cat carrier that I found it easier to let her sit on my lap or roam around the car when I drove. Like everyone else, I considered myself a good parent and it simply never occurred to me that this indulgent action could have placed her in danger. Thankfully, I never had to learn this lesson the hard way.
So while I donít judge when I see pets leaning out car windows, sitting on owners laps or lying in the carís back window as it barrels down a highway, I think we all know there must be a safer way to shuttle our little guys around town.

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