Today I had the day off from work. I found out the town had somewhat finished the dog park that was started a year ago. So i decided to take my boy bentley out for a little fun. He doesn't seem to enjoy that i have him on a leash but he will run off and will not return easily.its a hassle being able to take him out in public without him screaming wild when he sees other dogs. not sure why that is. i know he might have small dog syndrome. he is about 2 yrs old.i love the dog but i feel like its too late to calm him down. whenever play with him outside for a while and come back in he will launch himself barking at the sliding door. i know inside hes a loving dog and this is my first time raising one on my own. i work a lot. hes inside at nights in my room then in the backyard fed and watered until i get home. any tips for me,, Thanks Click here to enlarge