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Thread: Extreme Itching

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    My boston wont stop itching. He does not have fleas. His food hasnt changed. I think its the new backyard and allergies. Any suggestions??

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    Many types of bacterial would cause skin diseases. For example, if its skin is reddish and shedding, it would relate to the rash or ringworm. Go to the vet and do some examinations to find the exact cause.

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    Environmental Allergies: Skin problems in dogs are sometimes the cause of environmental allergens. Ask your doctor if an allergy test is right for your dog, and with treatment can help them. Environmental allergies may cause due to dust it includes pollen, mould spores, and meal. This skin effect is airborne and may return after a year, aside from pollen, common in the springtime. Dog’s skin is a critical barrier to allergens for keeping your pup healthy, which is why your dog’s skincare should be a priority. Dog skin allergies tend to be persistent and may require lifelong management. This means bathing your dog daily with an anti-itch and recommended shampoo to help his skin. Nutrition supply also places an important role in your dog’s skin health — switching to dog food formulated to support skin health can help comfort the irritation. Product at minimum prices visit: www.petcareclub.com
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