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Thread: Skin redness

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    Default Skin redness

    Hi everyone. I have a four and a half month old Boston terrier male. He has had a few skin issues and we recently changed his food to natural balance potato and duck formula. He’s had a few red spots on his chest and we took him to the vet last week. He said it’s a very small skin problem and not to worry and use Benadryl gel. We’ve been doing that and it’s still there. It’s not bad but I want to know if any other Boston’s have skin redness that lasts a while and isn’t anything major. He always can get very pink too where he is all white on his chest. Thanks!

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    My BT male gets a noticeable redness on his white chest & foreleg areas, but it doesn't seem to bother him (i.e., no scratching or rubbing).

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