Our Boston was recently diagnosed with having epileptic seizers. She has 3 kinds- Gran Mal ( full body seizer) Focal (mostly confined to face) Psychomotor ( odd behaviors including drooling, running, being very afraid, not seeming to know us) She is one two medications and I didn't want to have to put her on a 3rd. She is pretty resistant to medications, as some dogs are. BUT, they have kept them pretty much in control and she seems pretty limited to them when she wakes up some days or the weather is changing. The pressure change can set her off just as in humans.I started her on CBD oil after reading about the research the AKC is doing via Colorado State on CBD for dogs with seizures. The Boston Terrier Club of America is contributing to it. What we have found out is pretty amazing: if she starts going into any of the 3 seizers described above we can cup her face and blow CBD vape into her noise. That typically STOPS it right away unless it is a grand mal and it takes a little bit more and a little bit more time, but, they are not nearly as violent. Our vet know we do this, and while she does approve of the CBD Oil she said to do the vape only when necessary since it IS vape.This works for US. This may not be something you want to try. I am not giving any medical advice only sharing what we have experienced and how it helps. As always consult with your vet and always get a good quality product with the right amount. I have also started giving her CBD Oil the second I feel her moving when she wakes up. That seems to help too.