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Thread: Agnes has a cracked and dropping nose problem

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    Default Agnes has a cracked and dropping nose problem

    Around when my dog turned 3 years, her nose turned into a weird-looking dry, cracked, and sometimes greenish-colored mushroom. Her nose grows bigger over months and then it drops off and then starts growing again. It doesn't seem to hurt her, but it doesn't look healthy either. I have seen 2 different vets and asked in a couple of pet stores about this, but they never saw this and have no idea what it is. Does anyone here has seen this before? What I do currently is clean it with sterilized water regularly to keep it wet so that after a while it falls off. Can this be a food allergy? I am using specially made Boston Terrier food for many years, although I think she had this problem already when she had other food before. I wasn't able to get a picture uploaded, so I made a little video instead. Here is the YouTube link:
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