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Thread: Common Health Issues for Boston Terriers

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    Default Common Health Issues for Boston Terriers

    Boston Terriers are known to have a long life span lasting up to 11 to 15 years. Their health issues are often related to the unique shape of their face and heredity. The most common health issues in Boston Terriers are able to maintain throughout their lifetime allowing them to live a happy long life. Dog owners who have a Boston Terrier will feel confident when dealing with health issues after learning more about each one.

    · Respiratory Issues: Boston Terriers have an adorable short muzzle which causes them to be predisposed to respiratory issues. Their short nose compromises their breathing and often causes them to snort, grunt and snore throughout their lifetime.

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    I've read the article and I must say it's quite detailed. It was surprising, though, to learn that the size and shape of the nose predisposes Boston Terriers to respiratory diseases. Thanks.

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