Anyone ever try Atopica For Dogs who have itchy allergys? Special for Boston Terrier visitors: FREE Shipping on Dog Food (USA Only)! at Orders $49+
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Thread: Anyone ever try Atopica For Dogs who have itchy allergys?

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    Default Anyone ever try Atopica For Dogs who have itchy allergys?

    I am about to start this for Lilly, its kinda the last resort before taking her to a dog Dermatoligist..... She has doen the blood tests and tried different meds and even the steriod shots. But she is all year constantly itchy. Licking and licking, and itching. She does not cause leasions or holes just mild hair loss and skin is very irratated, I feel so bad that she is always itching.

    So I am gonna start this drug tomorrow for her, its kinda exspensive but if it works, she is so worth it!!!

    Anyone try this before or know anyone who has???

    Any tips or advice?


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    I had the exact problem with my shaggy!! We take him every six weeks to petsmart groomers and do an oatmeal shampoo and a dry skin conditioner it costs about $31 and they are great with him! They even clean his ears and teeth and trim his nails. That was the only thing that works and it was way cheaper then meds. My recomendation would be to try that and see if it helps! Good luck Click here to enlarge

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    I got that for my westie. She has terrible problems. I still have most of it in the cabinet. I don't remember why I didn't use it all - probably had side effect I didn't like. So if you do decide to try it, see if you can get 1 or 2 instead of a larger supply

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