Hi, originally when I signed up to this forum I had my heart set on a girl. She (Rose) will have to wait as the breeder had a little boy named Leo available and I caved. Instead of waiting until next year I will be bringing my boy home end of November, early December.His name is Thor, and of course is a cutie.So far I have a car seat for him and am looking at a harness. Though not knowing his size or anything is making it hard.He has been signed up for the Bowser box where he will get monthly treats.I have 4 other dogs that I know will love the new addition. As well as my son's dog. My son and his dog will be moving out soon so it will be up to Thor to help keep the older dogs feeling young.My other dogs are two 12 year old Bichons and two 8 year old Rotweillers. Other than my dogs I also have an African Grey and Quaker parrot. Who may not be as enthusiastic as the dogs when Thor arrives. I hope to spend more time on this site in the near future as I prepare for my first Boston Terrier.