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Thread: Hello from Canada!

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    Default Hello from Canada!

    Hi everyone. New Boston mom here. (Actually new first time dog mom as well)We got Octavia on Friday and she is 12 weeks. She is a whopping 5.3 lbs as of her vet check yesterday and is Blue/Tan.She is a super snuggler and smart cookie. She lives for praise and prefers it to treats for reward. She is already good on the pad .. it's still a bit chilly in Canada so we are holding out for warmer weather to get to business outside. She is also 4 nights now of sleeping the night. We have her pee and poop at 11pm then into the crate for sleep and, she goes at 6:30am when we wake up for the day (not in her crate but when we take her down to the pee pad at the front door.We are so happy, she is such a smart lovable bug and excited to start her on other training!
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    Congratulations on your new pup! She is really cute!!!!

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