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Thread: Hello from Florida!

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    Default Hello from Florida!

    Hi all! First time Boston Momma here and having some potty issues; guidance would be so appreciated!

    3.5 month old Bubba is smart and he understands where to pee. He just won’t alert us. We have tried potty bells and he doesn’t care about them at all, even with treats and positive reinforcement.

    He crates through the night with no accidents, but I rarely catch him in the act of peeing during the day.

    I’m home 24 hours so I don’t think it’s a lack of attention; he just isn’t letting me know.

    Any tips?

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    Hi and welcome!I don't have any advice to pass along but I will say it was a solid 6 months before Moose stopped having accidents. He would be so involved in playing and then it would be to late.

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    I'm new here too! My name is Sheri. This is my first post. You may have already resolved your problem, but I thought i would leave a tip here.

    My dog Tucker is over a year old now. When I potty trained him, he had trouble telling me when he had to go outside. I was still forcing him to go out on a regular schedule, but sometimes I would forget. He was terrified of the bell at my door and did everything to evade ringing it. I wanted him to bark since that was the easiest when visiting other family members who had no bells.

    I finally taught him to speak on command. I taught him by barking myself until he finally barked back. It was kind of funny when he found his bark for the first time. It scarred him and me because it was so loud. I then repeated the word "Speak!" and gestured with my hand like a puppet closing it's mouth. He learned to speak on command just by using the gesture and anticipation of a food reward.

    From there, every time we went out to potty, we would stop at the door and I would gesture for him to speak. After he barked, I would open the door to go outside. He learned very quickly after that to go to the door on his own and bark to let me know he had to go out.

    Tucker and I are having so much fun. Don't know what I would do without him. He is such clown! I love my Boston.
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