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Thread: Hello from Everett, WA & a question.

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    Default Hello from Everett, WA & a question.

    Hello from Everett, WA. Just introducing myself and soaking up knowledge about the Boston breed.....hoping to get one someday. Currently, my wife and I are raising 3 boys (9, 6 & 1) and have an 11 year old Doberman/Cattle Dog mix who is starting to slow down a bit. 2 years ago, we lost our 14 year old Lab/Border Collie mix and have felt a void ever since. As our kids get older, our lifestyle has been busy but very family oriented. 3 years ago, as a family, we took to RV'ing as our major hobby/passtime. We spend about 30 nights in it a year exploring the Pacific Northwest. The only downside is that our current dog is 1. BIG and 2. very anxious and doesn't sleep well in the trailer. This has been quite a hindrance as I would love to bring him with the family but he is a constant nervous wreck. He is otherwise great with the family and around the house.In preparing for a couple years down the road, I have been looking into breeds that would mix well with our family and lifestyle. Everything that I've read comes back to Boston Terriers. Small, family friendly, adaptable, low maintenance, etc.My number one thought currently is when to start pursuing adopting a new family member? Do we get a Boston before our current dog passes or wait and start fresh? What say you?Here's our current guy Guinness:Click here to enlarge
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