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Thread: Quick hello and a question

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    Default Quick hello and a question

    Hi everyone, been hovering on this forum for a while as I got a Boston puppy a few months ago.
    She's called rebel, 6 months and is a real joy to have even though she lives up to her name!
    Everything is going well but lately she's starting to bark at things when we're out and about and I'd like to learn to stop it from happening.
    Today we've been out a lot and she has barked at little kids on scooters/ skateboards, bicycles, a child's car seat just propped up against the wall, some balloons pinned to a front door and another dog.
    We got her as the breed is sociable but her behaviour is becoming a little antisocial.

    Any tips on what to do?!

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    Congrats on your new addition; she is lovely!! welcome to the forum. Sorry I don't have any info on barking; my Molly very seldom barks and only if someone is close to our property line; we are on five acres so if someone is there she seems to know it's not right. I'm sure someone out here has some info. for you.
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