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    I am a new member and a new Mom to our Boston Ollie. He is currently 3 months old. We brought him into our home when he was 9 weeks old.

    He is very stubborn and hard headed at times but very eager to please. We are still having accidents in the house when it comes to house breaking, any one have tips on when it will finally click.

    Also, anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to get Ollie to listen to me? He follows my husbands commands, but seems to ignore me.

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    Welcome and congrats on your new addition. Well with my Molly it suddenly clicked on house training just one day, I don't remember her age but I had to be very consistent on her schedule of going out. She is very stubborn. We have a dog door and we thought we would leave her crate door open one night and see what happened and suddenly that morning she just went out on her own first thing it was about 3:00 a m. Then she came back in and went back to sleep in her crate. Even though it seemed forever I just had to keep consistent with her On the crate at night and letting her out. On the command item mine also listens to my husband better than me. So I just take maybe 15mins a day with her to go over something and have treats ready. I don't do it longer as she gets board. It seems to be another thing that has to be consistent until she gets it.

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