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Thread: Hello fellow BT lovers

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    Big Grin Hello fellow BT lovers

    Hi ya all from rainy Indiana .... I am so glad I found this site. I have been a proud owner of a BT for the last 8 years. Bubby is a wonderful critter ..... We just over the weekend dedcided to add to our family. We drove over 2 hours and adopted Popeye .... He is a 2 year old male nuetered .... I would love to say that Bubby really likes his new housemate .. but he is well JELOUS !!! We are doing the crate and rotate that I have read about here and also LONGGGGGGG walks to wear em out ...... This also makes me get off my rear and exercise :P We also have invested in yard cables and let them out at the same time but where they can not reach each other ..... Not till I know they want to PLAY NICE .... At the moment its still a battle .... But I hope in due time they will learn we love them both equally .... I also bought Bubby a crate and will be putting them both in thier seperate "beds" at night .... I realize that Bubby has for a long time been a bed and cover hog ... IN our bed .... I believe its time he sleeps in his own place ..... Again I am so excited to be part of this group and look forward to learning and sharing about these wonderful pets

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    Welcome! Cute guy!
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