Hello all!

I had 3 BTs total, with my last one just dying on 03/11 from prostate cancer.

I didnt think i could handle more as my Buddy was a puppy mill pup and he had more issues than any human i know. He was able to just make it to his 10th b-day.

I was a MESS from his death and my other dog Lulu (large Lab/German Shep mix) was more depressed than me. She wouldnt eat, play, etc. Just laid there on Buddy's tiny pillow.

I decided I couldnt take not having a BT in my life and Lulu needed to come out of her depression so I found a pooch on Petfinder that was a nashville flood vicim. Then the day before the Alpha Dog Transport brought Bugsy (Elvis) to me, I was told about another BT in NJ that needed a home. He had a grade 4 murmur and no one wanted him. How could I say no? Buster is about 11mths old and he is awesome!

Well, turns out the Nashville pup has a grade 5 murmur. Nice (of course the rescue doesnt respond to me now- wonder if they knew??) Anyway, I am hopeful they will both work out (one has been a little agressive) and I am hopeful hey both live happy albiet probably shorter lives.

If you have any experience with heart murmurs, please let me know!