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    I've been lurking for a little while and thought I'd join. I don't have a BT right now but I will soon.

    And although I don't have a BT, I DO have a lot of other pets.

    Juno (German Shepherd), Molly (Maltese, RIP She passed away a couple Sundays ago)
    Click here to enlarge

    Click here to enlarge

    Toby (Bichon Frise/Poodle) eating a chicken back.
    Click here to enlarge

    One of our 5 cats (Noodle) and Juno.
    Click here to enlarge

    One of my Crested Geckos
    Click here to enlarge

    One of my seven Snakes. Carpet Python
    Click here to enlarge

    I also have Bearded Dragons, Nicaraguan Boa, Balls Pythons, Corn Snake, King Snake, Leopard Gecko, and a fish.

    All of our animals (excluding the picky cats) are fed raw only as well.

    Thanks for looking Click here to enlarge
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