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Thread: my new baby!

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    Default my new baby!

    Hey everyone. I just got my Boston this past weekend. She's amazing. My family had a Boston when I was growing up, and I've been dying for one every since. I'm so excited to finally get one after waiting for nearly 10 years!

    This is my puppy. I adopted her from a family who didn't have the time to dedicate to a doggy. She's 7 months and is a little runt, only weighing about 10 pounds. I named her Onara.

    Click here to enlarge

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    Welcome, Congrats & YAY for adopting!! She is beautiful!!
    I'm new in here too! Two weeks ago my family & I adopted a pair of Bostons from a shelter, Oscar & Ollie are 2 yr old brothers, Ollie acts like a wild puppy & Oscar is a couch

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