hi everyone, sorry i haven't been on, i just haven't had time to come on-line.

all the dogs are fine, Jazz is qualified to crufts again next year, i still have Lilly, Daisy, Sophie, Holly, Jessie, Candy, Tinkerbell and of course my Angel. Angel is now a registered pets as therapy dog and she loves it. i currently take Angel and Lilly as Lilly is a registered PAT dog 2.

Lilly still cones everywhere with me and Angel comes most places. my mom still breeds chihuahuas and has had a litter of shih tzus. she was looking into breeding Boston terriers after falling in love with Angel but she is currently looking for the right bitch as she has been looking into breeding Boston's and doesn't want to put the bitch at risk of anything. her dogs are all pets first,

anyway, I hope to be on here more now x