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Conversation Between bbennett and Sweet Lil Bella

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  1. Wow I have my hands full w/ just Bella! LOL Tonight is gonna drop down to 50, so she runs in and out quick when its time to potty. She doesn't do cold, she is a sunshine kind of girl.
  2. Thanks! We had a great holiday all the family and all 7 of our four legged friends. (Jack (engligh bulldog) Lola (black Lab) Bailey (pug) Daisy (pug) Bess (pug) Jet (Boston) and Pilot (French Bulldog). I hope you had a great holiday as well. Keep warm during this cold front! Burrr. The snowbirds are officially here and Jet, Pilot, and I ready for summer!
  3. I hope your family and pups had a great holiday!
  4. Thanks for the picture comments. Bella is adorable! I want a female Boston for Jet! Pilot is just to lazy for him!
  5. I love all the pics you posted in your new album, your pups are so cute and look very happy Thanks for sharing.
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