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Conversation Between hugoanddanny and Murphy

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  1. Hey Guys, sorry to hear you are leaving Ontario, will miss meeting up you all at the meetups. And now you are going to miss meeting Vegas from California....hre husband is bringing him up while she is stuck in Canada. I think there is a splash in Calgary? I'm not on as much, and you sound busy also but I will look and send them to you. OK...the best resterant is in Calgary....Hardware Grill, on Jasper, 1 780 423 0969. A little pricey but worth every penny. See you on line soon I hope. Laura
  2. Hi There. I wanted to say Good-Bye we are moving to Calgary on March 1st. We will miss hanging out with you all and Murphy. Stay in touch. I will watch Murphy grow up on here. Cheers.
  3. Hi,
    I just wanted to leave you Joan's number she does not travel but since you work in Toronto maybe you can meet up and choice from her selection of outfits. 416-929-2320 Thanks talk to you soon. Great pics and video. Cheers
  4. we will have no problem finding you and Diamond. When I met Will and Uma at the last meet I had to wait for her to call Uma before I knew for sure it was her ;-) I recognized her from the pictures but was no 100% sure.
  5. I think it is only when it's at an inside location. When it's at park it is free. It will be the best 10 bucks you ever spent ;-)
  6. great news...I changed our plans and we are now coming to the meet up next weekend...didn't want Diamond to steal all the limelight by being the only splash there ;-)
  7. and...under search again... olliesmom .... they are the only 3 other splashes I have come across on the Forum so far.
  8. In the search type in rsinmania and you will see a splash Boston living in Korea
  9. So I was wondering why there is a fee for the meet up? Is that normally what happens?
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