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  1. He looks absolutely wonderful! The house I will be living in is only 900 sq ft so not big enough for a large dog. Plus the yard isn't fenced in so I would rather have a smaller dog that can be tied in with the ground steak and not have to worry. Plus I love the smooth, shiny coats...they still shed but it's a lot easier to keep tidy vs having the German Sheppard I also want haha.
  2. We totally agree with that!! We both grew up having large dogs, we very much looked at Mastiffs and Boxers! But our apartment has a 20 lb limit on animals. My fiance was not fond of that at first, but once we got our little guy, he is so in love with him! Such great dogs, and Everyones loves him when they see him, he is a sweetheart who wants to meet everybody!
  3. Yup, same here! I've only seen 2 once and that was in the local pet store! lol. I would have gotten a Boxer, because I absolutely love large dogs, especially that breed. However my house and yard are too small for such a large dog, so I got the next best thing! To me the 2 breeds look like small/large versions of each other lol.
  4. We live in Eau Claire, WI. I have seen probably 3 people walking bostons, theirs are all full grown though, otherwise I haven't seen many either here!
  5. For sure! As soon as I get more I will throw them up here! Where are you from? I am from Canada...Manitoba to be exact lol. Not many Boston's here...the breeder I found is the ONLY one I could find in Manitoba!
  6. That's what we are thinking too! We'll be watching for updated photos of Tucker!
  7. Thanks! In that picture he is about 3 weeks old. I am waiting on more pics from his breeder. He is 5 weeks old today! I guess I will probably be buying him a new collar when he's full grown too haha. I bought him the Harley Davidson one. I love them and they look so good on Bostons! I'm thinkin I will probably have to spring for a 16" by the time he's all grown up lol
  8. Hi we love the spike collars too!! My fiance bought him that one, I believe it is a 14". Which today, we actually Just put it onto the last hole, so it is currently as big as it will get, he is just 5 months old so he does have some more growing to do. I thought for sure when we got it it would be big enough to last him when he was full grown, my bad judgement I guess! Boston's are such great dogs and are so fun to have! Yours is adorable!!
  9. Your dog is so fricken adorable! How big is the collar around his neck? I bought a 14" one for Tucker online and now I have the feeling it will be too small for when he's full grown. lol Love the spike collars!
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