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  1. SURE! It's [email protected]. I love gchat. More than willing
  2. Hey, do you use AIM or g-mail messenger at all? It would make it much easier for us to discuss our pups I think through direct convo. Especially since it keeps telling me that I am at a character limit on your wall (hence the rapid, multiple posts in a row). =P
  3. Teething is a terrible stage for us, as Apollo wants to chew on everything. He can have 8 toys around, and goes after our shoes, pants, feet, and anything else he can. He is a bit more stubborn than I was expecting, so learning "no" and "leave it" will take a bit more time than normal. We have a trainer coming on Tuesday, as Apollo has recently developed the habit of randomly lashing out and biting us (like he is playing bitey face with our hands). Hopefully, the trainer can help correct this.
  4. Tuck will get better. We got a little tight on money, so Apollo's vet appointment for his second round of vaccinations had to be pushed back until this coming Tuesday. He has been eating great though. We found out that he eats very little in the morning, and huge amounts at night time, haha. He will be 13 weeks as of tomorrow, and although I haven't officially weighed him since he was 9 weeks old, I'm guessing he is about 6 lbs or more. He doesn't look it though. He's all muscle, but his body syle is long and athletic. If you see the picture of the Boston terrier at the homepage of this site (right below the button to enter these forums), he is that exact build, and pretty much looks like the picture, lol.
  5. Did you find out how much he weighs now? Tucker is probably going to be a big boy. He's about 5 or 6 pounds at almost 12 weeks...but his paws are humongous lol. Experimenting with the potty training and taking your advice. I think he wil catch on with more clear signals and using the kennel as well. I wish I could find a place in Canada where I could get the bully sticks. Thursday, in the mean time I am going to the pet store for a puppy kong and some wet food to freeze when no ones home. Tucker is teething like crazy but is learning "off" and "no" very well along with "come" and his name
  6. This Thursday!!! I pick him up after work. It's an hour and a bit for a drive to get him. I can't contain my excitement His kennel and everything are all set up in my house waiting haha. How's Apollo doing?
  7. hey! When do you get Tuck?
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