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Conversation Between Jodz&Tucker and Sweet Lil Bella

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  1. Hi Sonja! How are you, Bella and Your family doing? Tucker is growing up so fast! He's about 12 lbs and 18 weeks old. Seems like just yesterday I brought him home and he was so cautious. Now I have a crazy pup on my hands! haha. The potty training took a bit of a hit this week. I have been at work and my brother has been at home with him during the day, but he hasn't been watching him enough and he now thinks it's okay to go potty in the house again! Told him to crate the dog when not watching him closely. Also trying to train him not to jump up at people and not to snap at faces when playing...but have no direction on how to properly. Any ideas? OH and he tries to play with his collar every time I try to put it on. How can I train this out of him? And train "off" when playing fetch? lol Full of new questions!!!!
    Hope all is well
  2. I hope for the best My other roommate will be home when I am not...but he starts work at 5 pm, I am off at 4:30. So he will probably be sleeping till about 2 or 3 pm everyday. I leave for work just before 8 am, will come home on my lunch to let him out (12:30), when Daniel gets up he can let him out and then I'm home shortly after that. So it shouldn't be too bad for him. he will be in his crate for max 2-3 hours at a time. Which is good.
  3. Yes she looks more sweet and innocent then she really is, hehe! I hope for you that Tucker will be an easy pup. It will be a bit tougher for you being gone at work, luckily for me with our schedules someone is always here w/ her and she is only in the crate to sleep at night. She has never been left alone for more then a few min.
  4. Haha yeah! I have 16 more days to get through It's funny that Bella was such a lil Sh*# when she was super young. She looks so sweet and innocent! I am hoping Tucker doesn't pull the same!! lol.
  5. I bet your counting the days until Tuckers home! You will do fine, I survived Bella LOL
  6. Haha no kidding!! She's so cute tho!
  7. Thanks for your picture comment She looks so little in that pic compared to now!
  8. Happy early Birthday!
  9. I accepted your friend request, Tucker is a real cuite!
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