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Conversation Between Sweet Lil Bella and forg3tr3gr3t

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  1. He had a foreign body. Who knows what he got into but I've never seen it before. The recovery was very long but he is definitely back to his old self now
  2. Im sorry to hear bruiser had surgery why, what was wrong w/ him?
  3. Hey, thanks for the post! Bruiser had to have stomach surgery on the 6th, so it has been a very slow recovery. He seems to be getting better now though so that's a good thing. Glad to hear everything is good on your end =]
  4. Hi, hope you and your boy are doing well. Bella is doing great, she hasn't been having anymore tummy issues and her knee hardly ever acts up anymore. Keep in touch
  5. Aww that's never fun I really hope that everything is okay and she gets better! I'm sure you've read this before but rice is really good for that issue. What did the vet say?
  6. I wasn't able to post either I was so sad about it. Bella is going to the vet today actually she was sick on easter vomit and diarhea and since then she is kinda up and down. No more vomit but diarhea on and off so hopefullu its nothing bad. She is NEVER sick so its odd and I worry about my girl How are u??
  7. Heyy Been a while how are things??
  8. Thanks for your comment <3 Thank god it was only a day thing.. horrible , horrible day.. soo happy he's getting better.. How are you guys doing ??
  9. I hope Bruiser feels better soon
  10. Thank you, I am really hoping it doesn't get worse. I know what you mean about buying toys, bella has like 3 boxes full. I have learned over time to buy "Bella proof" toys because I hate when I spend money on it and its dead in 2 seconds. I feed Bella through out the day, but she pretty much eats twice a day. I leave a bowl of dry food (Blue buffallo small breed adult..she likes the little kibble) for her all day and she picks at it through the day. Then at night I give her some wet food (I use blue stews and wellness stews) Her weight has always been consistent but I did have a point where she was being very finicky..she still is. I have to alternate flavors of wet food or she gets tired of them and she only likes certain flavprs. We have learned over time what wroks for her..she is lucky she is so spoiled! I hope you get your boys weight up. Keep in touch
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