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  1. Sorry she is having a tough time. Bella is not really on a special diet I feed her blue buffallo small breed adult dry food, she prefers small kibble. And I feed her a few different flavors of blue buffallo stews and wellness stews as her wet food. No beef though it is high in fat. I use dental wipes, wax, and chews from her vets office for her teeth
  2. I finally started Cleo on the Cosequin DS. I have had her on a couple different brands before which they seem to help some, but I think the Cosequin will help the best, It has the most Glucosamine in it compared to the other brands we tried. Do you have Bella on any diet food? Cleo is getting to be a little Buddah which is messing up with her breathing. And her teeth are just insanely nasty haha. I brush them alot and I get alot of the tartar off, but I feel with old age, its hard to keep them perfect. She just turned 12 in November. She's starting to get little hard bumps in her skin, like hard pimples. She has the hard bump on her muscle still on the back leg which is the leg she always straightens when she sits. I'm pretty sure she has mild Periodontal Disease, I just don't know what else to do, i'm trying almost everything and getting a vet teeth cleaning is to high of a risk for her age. you have any suggestions?
  3. Sorry for the late reply. Bella actually had to have surgery for Luxating patella in both knees in late ocotber. she is doing great and rceovered amazingly. i still have her on cosequin ds supplemts as well
  4. Hey. I have been using medicine for Cleo still. I think she is getting bad joints. its such a bummer because i know she wants to run and run ! She's also getting pretty over weight. i dont give her any scraps and control her feeding. i get her 1/2-1 cup in the morning and 1/2 cup-1 in the afternoon. We feed our dogs Orijen. I tried her on a diet food one time and it didnt really do much but it was only for a month. i just noticed yesterday she got some kind of little round circle looks like a rash or something on her chin. im wondering if its fungus infection. have u ever had that with Bella?
  5. I hope the Cosequin DS helps her some.
  6. HI! We also live in FL. Bella is our first Boston but I grew up with Boxers Hope your Bostons leg feels better.
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