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Conversation Between Sweet Lil Bella and lindshudson

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  1. Hi! I had the same problem with the site too. Glad its all fixed! Everything is great over our way. We just moved into a new house so the terrors have a fenced in yard and a sun room to sleep in all day, and they are loving it! Murphy is going to be 6 months in May and we're setting up his appointment to get fixed (I've never had a boy dog so I've had to deal with some new experiences lol) How are you and Bella doing?!
  2. Hi hope everything is great with you guys I am happy to be able to post on here again for a while I was unable to. How r u?
  3. Hope ur doing well
  4. Hope you and Bella are doing well!!
  5. Aw Thank you very much, your posts and pics reminded me very much of our close bond w/ Bella also. I always say I wanna get her a little brother and name him Bailey..but thats not gonna happen! Im happy to hear Moo and Murphy are getting along so good, I think Bella would be a terrible big sister. She gets jealous if I hold her toy or hug my boyfriend haha Post a bunch of pics of your 2 cutie pies.
  6. Thank you! It is all so exciting but definitely stressful at times. Moo absolutely loves him so I couldn't have asked for a better fit. He is just starting to come into his own and get his personality which is hilarious watch. They are really like brother and sister with the way they play and wrestle and chase each other around. I still keep a close eye on them together but so far so good! Sometimes I think I'm crazy for getting another one but I couldn't be happier!

    I was looking at pictures of Bella and your family and you all remind me so much of how we are with Moo, and now Murphy. Its great to know other people love their dogs as much as we do
  7. Congrats on your new addition So exciting. Hows Moo taking it?
  8. Welcome Moo is so adorable and sounds like my Bella's twin!
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