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    I finally started Cleo on the Cosequin DS. I have had her on a couple different brands before which they seem to help some, but I think the Cosequin will help the best, It has the most Glucosamine in it compared to the other brands we tried. Do you have Bella on any diet food? Cleo is getting to be a little Buddah which is messing up with her breathing. And her teeth are just insanely nasty haha. I brush them alot and I get alot of the tartar off, but I feel with old age, its hard to keep them perfect. She just turned 12 in November. She's starting to get little hard bumps in her skin, like hard pimples. She has the hard bump on her muscle still on the back leg which is the leg she always straightens when she sits. I'm pretty sure she has mild Periodontal Disease, I just don't know what else to do, i'm trying almost everything and getting a vet teeth cleaning is to high of a risk for her age. you have any suggestions?
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    Hey. I have been using medicine for Cleo still. I think she is getting bad joints. its such a bummer because i know she wants to run and run ! She's also getting pretty over weight. i dont give her any scraps and control her feeding. i get her 1/2-1 cup in the morning and 1/2 cup-1 in the afternoon. We feed our dogs Orijen. I tried her on a diet food one time and it didnt really do much but it was only for a month. i just noticed yesterday she got some kind of little round circle looks like a rash or something on her chin. im wondering if its fungus infection. have u ever had that with Bella?
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    He had a foreign body. Who knows what he got into but I've never seen it before. The recovery was very long but he is definitely back to his old self now
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    Hey, thanks for the post! Bruiser had to have stomach surgery on the 6th, so it has been a very slow recovery. He seems to be getting better now though so that's a good thing. Glad to hear everything is good on your end =]
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    Aww that's never fun I really hope that everything is okay and she gets better! I'm sure you've read this before but rice is really good for that issue. What did the vet say?
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    Hi! I had the same problem with the site too. Glad its all fixed! Everything is great over our way. We just moved into a new house so the terrors have a fenced in yard and a sun room to sleep in all day, and they are loving it! Murphy is going to be 6 months in May and we're setting up his appointment to get fixed (I've never had a boy dog so I've had to deal with some new experiences lol) How are you and Bella doing?!
  7. Its working again! So happy
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    Heyy Been a while how are things??
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    Your little Bella is so flippin' adorable!
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    Thanks for your comment <3 Thank god it was only a day thing.. horrible , horrible day.. soo happy he's getting better.. How are you guys doing ??
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About Sweet Lil Bella
Bella was born 5/23/10 and came home to us 8/3/10
We live in South FL
We enjoy playing, going for walks, watching movies and t.v
She is a lap puppy and a lil bandit! I work in retail


-Sonja (Bella's mom)


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    Sweet Lil Bella liked post by Olivelove On thread : Update on my Olive girl...
    Soo I think it's been about 2 weeks since I last posted about Olive's stubbornness or possibly deafness. Since everyone's reassuring posts I have spent a lot of time with and on Olive. We have been...
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  2. Sweet Lil Bella
    Sweet Lil Bella liked post by Zombietox On thread : Happy Holidays from Bella the reindeer!
    Awes that 4th photo was to cute "Yup I love my mommie" is the moment of words that popped in my head seeing the last one lol shes so cute!!
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  3. Sweet Lil Bella
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    I've been using a case (custom made of my business logo) from Uncommon that was made for me for the past few months. The one that was made for me was put on a Capsule case, which is starting to get...
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  4. Sweet Lil Bella
    Sweet Lil Bella liked post by lindshudson On thread : New Member!
    Hey everyone! I've heard so many boston owners recommend this forum for everything boston related and after reading some of the threads they seem to be right! I feel like I would be missing out if I...
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  5. Sweet Lil Bella
    Sweet Lil Bella liked post by bella(: On thread : Dog snuggie!
    i was on youtube searching for boston terrier videos and came across this lol :biggrin: here's another one i found (: ...
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  6. Sweet Lil Bella
    Sweet Lil Bella liked post by Trumansmom On thread : Dont know what to do....
    Yes--just take your time. I also have a less than ideal BT, but he's grown into a very sweet, loyal little guy. He's still weird, but I'll take him like that because he's taught me sooooooo much...
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  7. Sweet Lil Bella
    Sweet Lil Bella liked post by britt777 On thread : New Bed
    Bruiser,Roxy and Deuce loving new beds.
    Liked On: 12-20-2011, 02:13 PM
  8. Sweet Lil Bella
    Sweet Lil Bella liked post by Foxy On thread : Bella's getting spayed tomorrow!
    I prefer not to leave my pups overnight and I will only do it if the clinic is staffed 24/7. Spay surgery is very routine, so I don't see a need for the pup to stay overnight unless there was...
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  9. Sweet Lil Bella
    Sweet Lil Bella liked post by keltronica On thread : New here
    9233 This is Piggy (real name is Penny, but we call her pig) Pig loves eating,...
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  10. Sweet Lil Bella
    Sweet Lil Bella liked post by britt777 On thread : The Monkey on his last leg
    Awww thank you Kristin. Her name is Roxy and she's a Boxer. I had 3 Boxer's and one passed away last November. I always thought the BT's looked like smaller versions of a Boxer, so I decided to get...
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  11. Sweet Lil Bella
    Sweet Lil Bella liked post by proudmom On thread : never thought.
    Great posts! Tux amazes me every day! He is so smart - when I'm training it seems like he knows what I'm going to ask of him before I say it out loud. I guess he watches my body language or...
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  12. Sweet Lil Bella
    Sweet Lil Bella liked post by britt777 On thread : The Monkey on his last leg
    I spoke to soon Sonja. Just went outside and the 3 stooges were playing/eating stuffing from the monkey. Enjoy the pictures :thumbup:
    Liked On: 11-03-2011, 03:30 PM
  13. Sweet Lil Bella
    Sweet Lil Bella liked post by KellyP On thread : Neck Flab??
    Abbie too. She's not as thick as some Bostons so her neck is a little like a turkey. :p
    Liked On: 11-02-2011, 01:41 PM
  14. Sweet Lil Bella
    Sweet Lil Bella liked post by gooniemica On thread : What is your Boston gonna be for Halloween???
    Max is going to be a turtle. last year he was a business man... with a tie and hat :)
    Liked On: 10-29-2011, 02:15 PM
  15. Sweet Lil Bella
    Sweet Lil Bella liked post by Kel On thread : What is your Boston gonna be for Halloween???
    My husband rolled his eyes but allowed it. He tends to humor my obsession with all things Roscoe :)
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