We managed to toilet train Bella our 6 month old BT fairly quick. She uses bells on a door handle when she needs to go outside and hadn't had an accident in her crate for approx. 2 months.
However, 3 days ago I forgot to set the alarm on my phone and overslept by 40 minutes. By the time I got to her she had peed and pooped in her crate. No problem, there was no mess as such as she is fed raw and her poop is nice and firm and the pee had almost dried.
There was no drama and I gave her a wipe down although she was clean and washed all her bedding.
However, she has now repeated this consecutively on the following 2 nights after this incident.
We take her out before she settles at night around 9pm, then again before we head to bed at about midnight. This morning, I set my alarm 30 mins earlier (6:30am)Yet again, she had done her business in her crate.
I obviously want to break this habit and other than this hiccup she is near perfect in every way. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get her out of this habit?