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Thread: Our puppy is eating his poop! I know TMI

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    Default Our puppy is eating his poop! I know TMI

    Got this little guy a few weeks ago. And the breeder straight up said one of puppies was eating poop she just didn't know which one. This is our 3rd Boston. Our oldest passed in the spring. I've never had a puppy do this.
    He's been to our vet. Was put on stool hardener and antibiotics for a bleeding issue. (All tests ran negative everything) he's been done with the meds since Friday and we're back to running stools. He's on Hills puppy as recommended by our vet, and has had plenty of time to get use to it!

    He also eats like he's never ate before!! 🏼 I'm feeding him twice a day. I can't leave food down, he would eat until he explodes!

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    Mine is 3 years old and still does this sometimes. I just have to keep a close eye on him.

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