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Thread: Any Advice?

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    Hi there!! We have a 2 year old boston named Lilly and in July are gonna bring home a new puppy boston. We already named her Olive.

    Lilly is great around puppys and loves all creatures great and small. I will be able to be home the first 10 days, and we are gonna baby gate the kitchen. Lilly can jump over it, so no accidents on the carpet.

    With lilly we were lucky and she was never alone during the puppy phase but with Olive she will be. I am lucky to work only 2 mins away from home and come home on my lunch so the most the girls will ever be alone is 4 hours.

    We are kinda nervous to leave a puppy alone, even though they will be together. Has anyone gone thru this?
    And have any advice for us? We have never had 2 dogs at the same time or 2 bostons!!!!! But also advice with treatment of both girls, I have heard different things. Like always greet the older dog first or treat them the same.....

    We are so excited!!!!

    I am posting a picture the breeder sent she was 3 days old when the picture was taken and a picture of our Lilly.

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