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Thread: 10 week puppy Growls at me?

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    Default 10 week puppy Growls at me?

    Hi We have a 2 year old Boston named Lilly who is a very sweet and sensitive girl. We recently got a new Boston Puppy to add to our family (me and my Husband).

    We named her Olive, her nickname already is Miss Piggy. She has a huge personalty. Not afraid of anything running up and down stairs. Loves to play with Lilly, and cuddle.

    The only issue I have been having right now is that when she falls asleep on us and we need to move her or pick her up. She growls, not just a little but really gets pissed at us and even snarled alittle.

    I never experienced this before, the breeder did mention that she has alot of moxy, little bit of a tude. Lol but its cute not obnoxious.

    So when she does this I say no and turn her over on my lap, belly up, so she is cradled in my lap and has to calm down before I let her go. Which she does instantly. I am gently when I do this, its the only way I can think to assert dominance.

    Has anyone had this happen? Will they grow out of it? Or is it something I have to be watchful of.
    I don't want her to keep doing this as a adult and maybe snap at the poor soul who woke her up.

    Any Advice for sleeping beauty?
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    Mine does that too! I just give him a good NO and then carry on with picking him up or whatever I was going to do. I figure he's just learning how to be social around humans. He always calms down and quits growling and he's getting better about it already. Luckily, he's a very quick learner and he doesn't like it when I have to get stern with him!

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