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Thread: Potty Training Help?

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    Default Potty Training Help?

    Hi all! We have 2 bostons a 2 year old and a 4 1/2 month old. Our older one caught on pretty quickly for potty training. But Olive our younger one is still have issues.

    I keep her in the kitchen during the day with all her stuff and a pee pad. I noticed she has almost stopped using the pad. Which is great she is holding it longer. But she still has her favorite spots she will go in the house sometimes.

    i just shampooed the carpets last weekend too hoping this would kinda help her since she is close. But she loves the front door either on my rug or on the wood part right in front of the door. Also she loves my husbands side of the bed. Click here to enlarge

    I praise her when she goes, not as much as I use to since she goes right when we go outside most times. Pooping is the harder one, she sometimes does not evacuate all of it even if we are outside for 15 mins. And is getting colder, and her poo stinks soooo bad!! Click here to enlarge

    Any sugestions???

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    Hi, in my opinion allowing a puppy to eliminate in anyway in your house, even if its a pee pad teaches the puppy it's ok to go to the bathroom in the house. I have dogs for 29 years and any time I've house broken a dog I've used a crate. For a puppy you make sure it's only big enough to stand up and lie down and turn around in. This works because its a dogs instinct not to eliminate where it sleeps. You can usually buy a crate that will be big enough for when its older and it comes with a divider so you can adjust how big the inside can be. As well rule of thumb is for how many months old the dog is, is how many hours it can hold it. If the dog is known for having accidents when your not looking, then this is another time when the crate comes in handy. If you can't keep your eye on the dog when your busy that's when you put them in the crate. As well if you catch the dog eliminating in the house you should correct the dog in the way your used to and take the dog immediately outside. I've used this method for many dogs and it always works. Some people may argue and try to say a crate is mean, but its not. My dogs love them, they even willingly sleep in them when the doors are left open. Crates are used to train, and keep a puppy safe when your not at home or able to watch them all the time. Dogs die all the time from chewing electrical cords, or swallowing foreign objects.
    Oh another thing I almost forgot. When you take the dog outside, always make sure even if it takes a long time that she goes to the bathroom. Since you said the poo part is the difficult one. If you know she has to poo more stay outside, walk her until she goes. I know it's a pain but its the only way.
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    When the dog stops using the pee pads-get rid of them. I agree with the other poster, when you KNOW she has to poo, keep her outside, take her on a walk. My girls ALWAYS have to go about 10 minutes after breakfast, so I take them on a short walk.
    Crate training is great, it works for me as well, something else I have done though and that has worked really well for me too, is the tether method. Keep the dog on the leash by your side when you're doing chores around the house. This way, since she's always in sight, you catch her in the act and you can immediately correct the bad behavior and take her outside.
    Give her LOTS of praise and treats when she pottys outside, don't slack on this. Dogs thrive to please their owners.
    An if you can, figure out her schedule. I know after Penny wakes up from a nap to immediately take her outside. She always has to piddle after a nap. And after she eats a big meal, she'll have to poo. Once you figure out their schedule, you can avoid accidents in the house as much as possible :D

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    I second the umbilical training. We did it an had really no issues with potty.
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