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Thread: Puppy Loving/Bullying adult dog too much....

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    Default Puppy Loving/Bullying adult dog too much....

    Hi all!
    I have a 5 month old Boston Olive, lots of moxie. And a 2 1/2 year old Boston Lilly, they do love each other but....
    Last month or so Olive is constantly on Lilly trying to play all the time. Olive is almost 15 pounds now and Lilly is 12. So Puppy is pushing her around alot, humping her, grabbing her out fit and pulling her around.

    Its to much, and my Lilly is not standing up to her at all! So I feel like I have to constantly watch them and protect Lilly from the puppy! Its so sad Lilly will just stand there and take it or run over to me.

    Now they do play together not as much lately and they will nap to together sometimes. I think they really do it when we are around them. But I cant prove whats going on while I am gone, but I think they mostly sleep.

    I am wondering if the puppy Olive will calm down at all soon, she is just too much! I dont think she is trying to bully Lilly so much as just wanting to play all the time with her. I am constantly picking Lilly up and pushing Olive away, because she just wont listen or leave Lilly alone.

    But who knows, Olive is a little too attachted to me, she follows me everywhere.

    I dont know how to change that, I do shut her out of the bathroom or if I go outside I will shut the slidding door. but she will just stand there and wait. She will lay by the tub while I take a shower.

    Is that a bad thing? They both want to lay on me whenever I am on the couch, even if my husband is home too. They both prefer me, is that ok?

    In case you are wondering Super Girl on the Right is Olive(5 months) and Lilly is Wonder Woman on the left
    (2 1/2 years)
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    So cute..

    I am kind of going through the same thing. Madison is 9, and Wade is 5 months. Same thing.. he loves his big "sister".. and they do play and get along as well as I could have hoped. However, sometimes Wade just goes nuts and will growl(to play), bite her legs etc and Maddie, being the drama queen she is, will just look at me like big baby lol. As of now, the only thing I do is when Wade gets to nutty, I'll put him in his kennel for like 5 mins for chill time. He doesnt wine at all, thankfully, then I'll take hime out and give him a chew. He usually by then has calmed down and forgot how bad he wanted to play with Maddie.

    When we arent home, Wade is in his kennel, so I have peace of mind they are both ok. Maddie always sleeps next to him because I see her in her bed which I place close to Wade, prior to me coming inside.

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