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Thread: We arent sure what breed!

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    Default We arent sure what breed!

    Ive always admired both the Boston Terrier, and the Pug. Both breeds look great with families, and I just adore both.
    Lately Ive been coming back to the pug, to me their personality is my kind of dog, but Boston Terriers are also great pooches.
    I dont know what my issue is with deciding... because i know both dogs will be hyperactive as a pup and of stuff like that..
    I would have to pay 2000 dollars to get a pug, which I do not mind, but I could get a Boston for little to no money- and again, I can afford BOTH dogs either way..
    Is there any downside to having either or? I get the whole "short noses, bad breathing" kinda of health issues... I just dont know!
    Also, doggie insurance, no matter what dog i choose, should i get it?

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    Hi, Hopefully by now you have already made up your mind, but if not some insight below from personal experience.

    I have owned both breeds and both are wonderful dogs, however the one thing that really sticks out from one another is the shedding, having a double coat, pugs shed like crazy.

    And yes, I do recommend you get insurance, if anything for peace of mind.

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