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Thread: Your neighbor's dog is your neighbor too

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    Default Your neighbor's dog is your neighbor too

    I live near Pittsburgh and was disturbed by the recent case of a man who allowed his dog to starve to death in a densely-populated area within the city limits. Disturbed by the death of an innocent, to be sure, but even more disturbed by the TV interviews with neighbors who said that they knew it was happening but called no one to report it and did nothing to help the dog. Instead, they watched it die. They claimed that they had been afraid to call authorities for fear of retribution while the dog was suffering, yet they had no such qualms about making the call after the dog died. As the Humane Society representative stated when she was interviewed regarding the dog's death, such calls can be made anonymously and, in this case, should have been. How could these people have stood by and watched this happpen? Never mind the fact that they admitted doing so as hundreds of thousands of viewers watched. This incident has reinforced my commitment to report such incidents wherever and whenever I see them. I respectfully ask my fellow forum members to redouble their efforts to do the same. And spread the word to others who may encounter these situations. If this poor dog's death can prevent other dogs from a similar fate, then at least he did not die in vain. It's the least we can do for our canine neighbors.

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    I've reported 2 different people to animal control 2 separate times and I'll do it any time I feel the need which would be long before a dog was suffering. I can't believe how many people stand back, watch something happen and don't do anything about it...such a same.

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