For every beach bound women there is a perfect best sexy bikini au that will help you look your best. It is the worst feeling when your suit doesn’t fit right. First, you should realize your body shape, and then you can pick up what you really fit for yourself. Following is the common body shapes and how to pick their perfect swimwear according their different shape. Pear Shaped: For women who have pear shaped bodies they should highlight their upper bodies with a low cut one piece with a high cut on the bottom. Boy Shaped: For women who have boy shaped bodies buying a suit with ruffles or lines will help bring some curves to your body. Small Chested: For women who are small chested a broader top with a band will give a fuller appearance. Large Bottoms: For women who have large bottoms they should buy suits that are scooped and solid colors. Petite Sizes: For small women a string bikini would be best to avoid having a baggy look. I hope this guide informs you how to shop for the right swimsuit. And you can find specific introduction about this in takinglingerie on line store, you are sure to find out what you really love.