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  1. 3 month old Boston weighs 15 pounds

    My BT puppy, Amos, is 3 months and 15 pounds. His paws are huge. I am wondering how big he might get?My prior BT was 27 pounds of solid muscle at 7 years old. I donít remember how big he was at 3...
  2. Thread: RichTTTT

    by BTAmos


    Boston Terriers are a great breed. We have a 3 month old, Amos. Kennel is a great way to start. He may not like it at first, but will get use to it. 8 weeks the are such babies and yes they play...
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    New Boston puppy

    Hi,I have a BT puppy that is 3 months old, Amos. This is not my first Boston, we lost our 7 year old a year ago to a brain tumor that caused him to go blind. Wilson was a wonderful good looking dog....
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