Ruggable Pet-Friendly and Washable Rug Review Special for Boston Terrier visitors: FREE Shipping on Dog Food (USA Only)! at Orders $49+
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Thread: Ruggable Pet-Friendly and Washable Rug Review

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    Default Ruggable Pet-Friendly and Washable Rug Review

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    Shy away from putting down a rug because you can’t clean it of pet stains and fur? Pet Parents need to put down a Ruggable’s Rug – and we’ll help you save 15%.

    One of the most frustrating parts of pet parenthood has to be home décor. When you’re purchasing furniture or carpeting, your dog is part of the equation. I know my dogs play a huge role in my home’s décor. For the longest time, I couldn’t put down a rug, because Zed would routinely pee on it. But my living room just got a pop of color, thanks to a new rug from Ruggables.

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    That is great!

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    Ohh, I didn't even think that there are such carpets explicitly created for pets. My cat was constantly biting the long fluff on my carpet. When I came home after work, I often noticed new places on the carpet, devoid of fluff. Several times I had to give the carpet to to return the carpet to its original state. I even began to rub the carpet with grapefruit, as my cat does not like this smell, but I can not forbid him to move around on all the carpet as it occupies the entire area of the main room. Your carpets will really help me with this, thank you.
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