Keeping Up With The Well-Groomed Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are intelligent, gentle, strong and fast. Their coat is easy to take care of and requires minimum grooming. As a dog owner of a Boston Terrier you will not find yourself spending hours several nights a week grooming your dog, but you will have to find time in your schedule to provide grooming needs in order to keep your pooch healthy and cared for. There are a variety of grooming needs that you will want to do for you dog.

·        Brushing: Boston Terriers have a short thin coat of fur. Luckily the coat does not get dirty easily and when it does it can be easily cleaned with a few strokes of the brush to remove debris or substances that may have stuck to the coat when playing outdoors.

·        Bathing:If your Boston Terrier gets dirty in one area of his body, you can easily wipe away the dirt with a damp towel. If your dog happens to be an outdoor adventurer he or she may need a bath that requires plenty of water and shampoo to wash the dirt and grime away. Keep in mind baths should only be given when necessary.

·        Dental Care: Your little Boston Terrier most-likely loves to eat. Inspect your dog’s teeth on a weekly basis for any issues such as tartar build-up, bad breath or cysts. If you notice anything unusual in this mouth, on his gums or teeth, contact the veterinarian immediately. Otherwise providing your dog with a weekly brushing using a specialized dog toothbrush is recommended to keep his teeth and mouth healthy.

·        Nail Clipping: You may want to ask a family member to help you with this procedure. You will always want to remain calm and gentle when clipping your dog’s nails or filing down the nails. If you choose to cut your dog’s nails beware that you don’t nick the quick and you don’t cut them too short. If you are fearful of hurting your dog, you can always file down the nails.

·        Eyes and Ears:Your Boston Terrier has adorable bulging eyes that will have discharge. Use a damp cloth to gently wipe away the discharge. Keeping your Boston Terriers ears clean is essential to preventing ear infections. When cleaning your dog’s ears, carefully clean the inner ear flaps with a moist cloth and use an ear cleaner that is specially formulated for dogs.

·        Inspection:Since your Boston Terrier doesn’t require much attention for his coat, it is easy to overlook potential issues. Make it a habit to inspect your dog’s skin and coat frequently. This can be easily achieved by sweeping your hand gently across your dog’s fur in the opposite direction of the growth.

Always inspect your dog’s body carefully. You will be searching for any unusual lumps or bumps, bruising, scabs, bites, loss of hair, cuts and pests. If you find fleas you will want to take immediate action and discuss flea repellant options with the veterinarian. Grooming is an important part of keeping your dog healthy and happy.

Photo credit: anneheathen/Flickr