Common Health Issues for Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers are known to have a long life span lasting up to 11 to 15 years. Their health issues are often related to the unique shape of their face and heredity. The most common health issues in Boston Terriers are able to maintain throughout their lifetime allowing them to live a happy long life. Dog owners who have a Boston Terrier will feel confident when dealing with health issues after learning more about each one.

·        Respiratory Issues: Boston Terriers have an adorable short muzzle which causes them to be predisposed to respiratory issues. Their short nose compromises their breathing and often causes them to snort, grunt and snore throughout their lifetime.

·        Allergic Dermatitis:This skin condition is a result of an allergic reaction that can be caused by a variety of things. A veterinarian will have to conduct allergy testing on your Boston Terrier in order to determine the cause. Usually veterinarians will prescribe lotions and medicated shampoos to treat the condition.

·        Patellar Luxation:Most Boston Terriers experience dislocation of the knee during their lifetime. This condition is referred to as patellar Luxation. Your dog may limp and experience pain with this health issue. Some Boston Terriers will naturally stretch the leg that is affected straight out to allow the knee to pop back into its proper position. While this may be a brief solution for the health condition, you will want to have a veterinarian check out the situation. At times rehabilitative therapy and surgery may be required to solve the problem.

·        Corneal Ulcers:  Boston Terriers have protruding eyes, which is one of the cutest physical traits that draw people to becoming their owner. While this feature is adorable, it is also prone to getting injured. Accidents happen and debris can negatively affect the eyes and cause the eye tissues to become irritated and infected. Many Boston Terrier dog owners enjoy protecting their dog’s eyes with doggie eye shades.

·        Cataracts:This condition is degenerative and often appears as your Boston Terrier ages. Dog owners may sees signs of this eye condition by observing blue, gray or white flecks in the eyes. Veterinarians often suggest surgery to correct the issue.

Whether you are thinking of adopting a Boston Terrier or you already have one, understanding that these health issues could be a possibility in your dog’s life will help you be prepared in the future. Often times when potential dog owners learn that specific dog breeds can have health issues, it scares them into changing their mind. The truth is all dog breeds have health issues related to their breed. While it is true some may have more than others, it still should not deter someone from welcoming a precious pooch into their life.

Boston Terriers have few health issues and they are not life threatening. In addition, each condition is treatable or able to be maintained with medication. Also this doesn’t mean that every Boston Terrier in the world is going to experience these health conditions, some go unaffected throughout their lifetime. Knowledge is power and allows you to be the best pet parent to your Boston Terrier when you know what signs and symptoms to look for and get treatment started immediately.

Photo credit: Nick/Flickr