Does your Boston Terrier Jump Up on People?


If your Boston Terrier has an undesirable habit of jumping up on people, you should take steps to correct this potentially hazardous behavior.  Aside from being dangerous, it is obviously humiliating and irritating not only to you but to other people that your dog comes into contact with.

Your Boston Terrier puppy may be cute and cuddly and you love to see him jumping up on you and the other members of the pack.  However, as your dog grows bigger, jumping up on people will surely develop into a behavior that is often hard to overcome. Remember not all people love dogs to be jumping up on them. Thus, to prevent any embarrassing situations, stopping your dog from jumping up to people should be given utmost consideration.

Jumping up on you is a way for your dog to get your attention.  Consider a scenario where your dog jumps on you just before you leave for the office in the morning and ruin your white pants. How about seeing your dog knocking small children or elderly people when he jumps on them? Although jumping on people is your dog’s way of showing that he is overjoyed to see them, oftentimes it can be too much and may get you in embarrassing situations with your visitors and other people.

You need to teach your dog that he is exhibiting a highly undesirable behavior. Never resort to hitting your dog or yelling at him to make him stop jumping on you or other people. You will not produce the results that you desire.  In fact, yelling at your dog will give him an idea that you are giving him your attention, thus he will continue to jump on people.

When you teach your dog to stop jumping on people, be patient while maintaining your constancy in using the same technique to be able to carry the message across that you are trying to communicate and teach him the right norm and behavior as a member of the pack.

When your dog jumps on you, turn away immediately. Don’t look him in the eyes or say anything. Your dog will be waiting for you to pat him or hug him, however, if he does not receive the desired action from you, he will realize that his behavior undesirable.

With time, he will be able to stop jumping up on you and other people.  If he approaches you and wait for you to make the first move, you should give him words of praise or even a belly tickle. This will show him that you will notice him and give him the attention that he desires once he stops jumping on people.

If you seem to have a hard time teaching your Boston Terrier by ignoring him when he jumps up on you, you can also use the alternate behavior training technique.

This type of training will allow you to teach your dog an alternative behavior like “sitting” to divert his attention.  When he is able to follow your commands, it is best to reward him for his efforts. If you are consistent with your training efforts, your Boston Terrier will surely overcome the problem and learn that he can still get your attention without jumping up on you.