House Training your Boston Terrier


The Boston Terrier is one of the many breeds of dog which are very intelligent and are always eager to please their “alpha dog”. It is this need to please their masters which make them easy to train. They are also extremely friendly and social creatures.

Even though they possess the charm and the personality, there is still a need to train your dog in order to achieve the best relationship between you, your dog and other members of the pack.  Good training will unveil a happy Boston Terrier and makes them a better pet and friend.

Training Boston Terriers will involve different aspects in their behavior as well as their ability to pay attention and obey your commands.  Housebreaking is also one aspect that should be taken into great consideration.

There are some owners who will prefer to have their dogs enrolled in obedience school however, when you are the one who will train your dog, you will be able to properly establish your role in the household as well as strengthen the bond that binds you and your pet.

At first, training your Boston Terrier may seem daunting. With time, patience and perseverance, you will find that training your dog is not as difficult as it may seem. You will be pleased with the effective results once your dog is able to absorb all the training you have given him.

Knowing how you can effectively house-train your Boston Terrier will surely go a long way in helping you achieve the results you desire.  Your dog can easily learn anything that you will need to teach him, however, as the “alpha dog”, you need to ably play your part in the training sessions especially when it comes to house breaking your Boston Terrier puppy.

One of the problems that you will surely meet when you have a Boston Terrier puppy in your house is doggy poo everywhere.  Your dog needs to be taught and trained when and where to eliminate. Even older dogs which have been toilet-trained can eliminate anywhere in new surroundings. 

A puppy or a dog which has just newly settled in a new environment will at first find it hard to heed to your attempts to train him. You need to have an in-depth knowledge of the Boston Terrier behavior as well as the basic tools in order to effectively teach and train your dog. 

You should bear in mind that it will usually take 15 minutes after a meal for a dog to go poo or pee. Take your dog outside or in the place where you want him to do his thing.  Constantly doing this for several days will form a habit that your dog will surely remember. Eliminating on the area will also enable him to leave his scent and establish his territory. Once he develops the habit, he will promptly go to the designated area to relieve himself.

Another technique is to bring your Boston Terrier puppy outside early in the morning right after his first meal. As you may have noticed, your puppy loves taking naps, be sure to take him outside for a walk each time he wakes up from deep slumber.

When you are house training your Boston Terrier puppy, be lavish with your praise each time he eliminates in the right place. If your puppy sees that you are happy, he will surely try to please you every time by doing what you have trained him to do.