Socializing Your Boston Terrier

Socialization should begin between 8 to 12 weeks of age. If you adopted an older dog, you will want to begin Socializing your Boston Terrier the moment you bring him or her home. Be patient with your pooch because everything is new to them and at times it is the first time they have been separated from their mother since they were born. You will want to take steps to gradually introducing your Boston Terrier to their new life and lifestyle.

·        A New Home – Allow your Boston Terrier to explore his or her new home when you first arrive. Most-likely your pup will enjoy sniffing and licking things as he or she runs around the house learning about their new surroundings.

·        Meet the Family –Introduce family members that live in your home to your dog first. Then invite family and friends over to meet your new pup. Allow your dog to get use to being petted, held, kissed and enjoy play sessions with toys.

·        Friendly Neighbors –You will be taking your dog for a walk daily, so your neighborhood and neighbors will become part of your dog’s every day routine. Take your dog for walks around the neighborhood to allow him or her to learn about all of the other dogs and animals in the area. Chances are he or she may make friends and have future play dates at the dog park with some of the neighborhood dogs. Keep in mind that everyone is not a dog lover. There will be situations where a neighbor or stranger will not like your dog and even cross the street to avoid close contact. Don’t take this personally and always keep your dog on a leash during walks.

·        Dog Parks – Neighborhood dog parks have become increasingly popular over the years. Some are now creating special zones and activities related to the size of the dog. This assures that your little pup is playing with dogs his or her own size and not getting trampled by large dogs. Keep your dog in play areas where he or she is safe and can genuinely have a good time playing with other dogs. Meeting new canines can be a bit overwhelming for some dogs since there may be too many approaching your dog at once. You can ask a friendly pet parent nearby if they would like to help you with socializing your dog and have their dog meet separately with yours. You will be surprised at how many fellow pet parents are willing to help you. Especially since they have been in the same situation with their dog.

Socialization is essential to having a well-behaved dog. Lack of socialization can cause sudden fear, anxiety and stress on your dog during social situations. Some dogs even develop social anxiety and prefer only to be around their family. While this does make them feel more comfortable, it also lessens the quality of their life. They are missing out on plenty of fun and interaction that is needed for a well-balanced life. Socialize your dog whether young or old as soon as you bring him or home and soon you will have social butterfly!

Photo credit: PROana erb/Flickr